Man of Rubber Hurricane 1 Dual Turbine Raft Inflator Electric Inflation Pump


Hurricane-1 Dual Turbine Raft Inflator Electric Inflation Pump is a double hose, double motor electric inflation device designed for professionals who need a durable machine which will provide rapid and consistent inflation.

This machine comes equipped with a standard three prong 120 volt plug and cord to operate on standard US power – If you are going to be using this machine in CANADA, and are looking to purchase one of our Mini Hurricane Inflators OR our Hurricane I Inflators, we MUST make the machine with a modification for Canadian use. Please choose this option as well as what inflator you want and add to your cart for an additional $75.00.

If you need different voltage than this, call us at 1-800-437-9224 (US) or 1 423-338-2775 (outside US) or Click Here To Email Us To Request A Quote.

There’s a 30 day return policy!