Caring For Your MoR Inflators

Forget topping off your raft or inflatable boat when you use Man of Rubber’s Hurricane inflation pumps.

Our single motor, single hose Mini Hurricane turbine inflator delivers 114 cubic feet of air per minute (1 – 9.5 amp motor) at approx. 3 psi.  We offer a pressure relief valve option for this machine if you need less than that.  Wattage is 1400 / 110 Volts / 60 decibels

Our double motor, double hose Hurricane I turbine inflator delivers 186 cubic feet of air per minute (2 – 7.5 amp motors).  This machine produces more 4 psi and  comes with a pressure relief valve of your choice between 1.0 and 4.0 psi.  120 Volts / 14.85 Amps/ 84 decibels

Our double motor, multiple hose Hurricane II turbine inflator delivers well over 200 cubic feet of air per minute (2 – 9.5 amp motors).  This machine produces 5 psi & comes with a pressure relief valve of your choice between 1.0 and 4.0 psi.  120 Volts / 18.5 Amps / 88 decibels

Both Hurricane I and Hurricane II have two off/on switches. ALWAYS operate these machines with BOTH switches ON… NEVER operate these machines with only one switch/motor turbine on.

Using a portable generator to supply electricity to the single motor unit requires a minimum of a 2000 watt generator.  A 3000 watt generator is needed to power the double motored machine.  These machines will NOT work off of an inverter.

Our machines comes equipped with a standard three prong 120 volt plug and cord to operate on standard US power.

  • Upon receiving your machine(s), inspect contents for damage/missing parts & call us immediately for replacements
  • Install the filter on the intake end of the machine. DO NOT operate the machine without a filter as this will void the warranty (2 years).
  • Slide one end of the hose onto the outlet end of the blower & tighten the clamp to secure it in place.
  • Slide the blower tip connector into the other end of the hose & tighten the clamp to secure it.
  • Once the machine is assembled, connect the male service plug to a 115 volt outlet that is rated to at least 20 amps.
  • Be sure to hold the hose securely when turning the machine on.
  • Double motor blowers have 2 switched. ALWAYS turn on one switch and wait several seconds before turning the other switch on.  These powerful motor turbines have a high amp draw at start up and turning the switched both on at the same time can trip circuit breakers.
  • Both motors must always be on even if only 1 person is inflating.

The foam gasket seated between the face plate and the body of our inflators creates the seal and when regularly lubricated it will give you years of solid performance.  Check this gasket first if you notice reduced performance in your Hurricane.  We recommend at least once a year, treating this gasket with 303 Protectant (sold separately) and more often in arid climates.

We offer all replacement parts for the machines.  These can be found on our website    or you can call us at 800-437-9224.