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Wholesale Buyers

Qualification Criteria and How to Order: Professional Outfitter Qualification

  • We offer wholesale prices to qualified whitewater rafting, kayaking, sea kayaking and fishing outfitters. First time orders do require a VISA or Master Card. If you are interested in establishing Net 30 pay terms for subsequent orders with us, we can initiate that process after you fill out a credit application.
  • Download a credit application conveniently from our website or call us at 800-437-9224 and we’ll send one to you.
  • Read our Terms and Policies.
  • Once you are set up as a qualified wholesale buyer with us, you can order via phone or 24/7 online. All online orders are reviewed by our staff before processing to confirm wholesale status and pricing. Wholesale payments can be made via phone or purchase order at this time.
  • We are interested in finding out about you and your company! Please tell us your story – email Beth and tell me the number of years your company has been in business, the resources your adventures occur on and your web address. We take pride in offering great customer service along with our terrific product line. Knowing about your company makes you akin to extended family – because at Man of Rubber, doing business is a personal affair.

Raft Repair Services

  • Self-Service Tips, Resources, and Instruction:
    Visit our Raft Repair Knowledge Base to find Instruction How-To’s on common raft repair problems.
  • Professional Raft Repair Services
    We also can refer you to a local raft repair service provider if you need a professional to help you. Call or email us to get a quality referral today. (We don’t make any commission on referrals, we offer this service solely to help our customers.)
    You can download a list of repair stations here.

Retail Services

  • Retail Operations Consulting:
    Want to improve your retail sales, sell-through, product assortment, merchandising success, store profitability and/or employee sales performance? We offer retail consulting to outfitters large and small, available by the project or by the day with on-site consulting. The results of our clients say much more about the return on investment from Man of Rubber’s retail services than we ever could! Read what our clients say about our retail services.
  • Merchandising Magic: Successful Stores Do…We can tell you
    One of Beth’s past lives was in retail management, during which she discovered her talent for, and love of, merchandising. We offer on site merchandising services, where we teach you how to effectively merchandise your store(s) and train your employees to keep it going.
    Learn more about Merchandising Magic Articles and Tips.

Outfitter Operations Consulting

New Business, Old Business or “Stuck-in-Your-Old-Ways” Business:

  • We can help you quickly learn Outfitter best practices for management and operations (for example, we helped a TN Outfitter revise its traffic flow and operations activity locations to boost efficiency 100%), retail store sales (see Retail Services above), marketing and more.
  • We’ve been around more than one block (so to speak) as 2009 marks our 25th Anniversary of Outfitting Outfitters. We’ve seen a lot of businesses, as well as run our own outfitting business in TN in the 70’s and early 80’s. We are happy to share our lessons learned and front lines experience to help you run more effective, efficient and profitable businesses ~ while enjoying the ride.
  • Call or email us and let us know what business issues keep you awake at night. We may be able to help you! If we can’t help you, we’re well connected to a lot of smart people who can.