Learn To Row The Grand Canyon- Video by Marc Hunt

Marc Hunt and friends provide this instructional video for those aspiring to get behind the oars on the Grand Canyon. It includes diagrams and analysis of the major rapids alongside helpful advice on skills and technique. Our aim is for this to support enjoyment of trips and especially safer trips. Please ENJOY!


Table of Contents: 0:00 Intro & Overview 14:29 Badger Creek Rapid 18:16 House Rock Rapid & Downstream Ferry Technique 35:14 24-Mile (Georgie) Rapid 37:57 Hance Rapid & Scouting Technique 49:48 Horn Creek Rapid 54:59 Granite Rapid 59:46 Hermit Rapid 1:04:11 Crystal Rapid 1:11:48 Bedrock Rapid 1:21:54 Upset Rapid 1:26:28 Lava Falls 1:40:12 209-Mile Rapid 1:45:50 Risk & Rower Readiness 1:50:22 Conclusion and Credits