Man of Rubber History

Personal Service, Intelligent Problem-Solving.

We Are An Engaged Partner in Your Success

The Good Ole Days…Are Still Here

Remember when you used to go down to the corner store and the owner behind the counter greeted you as a personal friend, asked you about your family, and knew at least a little about what was going on in your business?
That’s the experience you’ll have, every day, when you choose Man of Rubber River Gear for your boating needs. Welcome to our version of those non-data-driven, highly personal corner grocery store days.

Why We Started

Man of Rubber River Gear exists because the founders (that’s us, Beth and Gary), love rivers, love the outfitting industry, and most especially, enjoy and appreciate the people who are drawn to river running and working in outfitter companies.

What You Get When You Choose Man of Rubber

  • Savvy, experienced industry professionals who define success by our customers’ and client’s success.
  • Over 60 years (Gary”s 33 years + Beth”s 32 years) of combined experience in the River Industry. We started in the 70”s as outfitters and worked guiding, leading trips, managing equipment, managing reservations, managing retail operations, river photographer: just about every job you can think of. In the mid 80”s we decided that providing gear to outfitter companies was where we wanted to spend our time and energy. We sell product we have used, tested, and have vetted against our own standards.
  • Knowledgeable product specialists answering your questions.
  • Fun, personable, interesting, zany, well-traveled people who care about people first.
  • Insights into hot new products for your retail business, what sells, what’s coming, how to price, who’s buying.
  • Access to Outfitter Services to help you run your business more effectively.

What Our Clients Say About Us