Man of Rubber Mini-Hurricane Turbo Raft Inflator W/PR Valve Option


If you need less than 3 psi choose this model. Forget topping off your raft or inflatable boat when you use Man of Rubber’s Mini-Hurricane electric inflation pump. This single hose, single motor turbine inflation device delivers 114 cubic feet of air per minute. The highly efficient 9.5 amp motor turbine inflates your boats in a snap. It delivers a whopping 3 psi with ease. This machine also makes a fantastic blow dryer for your motorcycle, ATV or other toy since it blows away water in a snap. If you plan on operating this machine with a portable generator supplying electricity, a minimum of a 2000 watt generator is recommended. This machine will NOT work off of an inverter.   Choice of hose lengths,  colors, and PRV valves are available.

This machine comes equipped with a standard three prong 120 volt plug and cord to operate on standard US power – If you are going to be using this machine outside of the US and are looking to purchase one of our Mini Hurricane Inflators OR our Hurricane I Inflators, we MUST make the machine with a modification for other countries electrical current. There will be a modifications fee of $75.

If you need this machine delivered with something different than this such  please call us at 1-800-437-9224 (US) or 1-423-338-2775 (outside US) or Click Here To Email Us To Request A Quote

There’s a 30 day return policy!