A6 Pressure Relief Valve by Leafield For Rafts & Inflatable Boats


The A6 Pressure Relief Valve by Leafield is available in a variety of pressure settings. (A6 additional photo is shown with optional screen which is sold separately)

Customer Pressure Selection Chart for the A6 Valve

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The A6 Pressure Relief Valve by Leafield is widely used in most self bailing whitewater rafts with inflatable floors. Man of Rubber River Gear is proud to be Leafield’s distributor for the Americas. The A6 is simple to remove and clean. It is rugged and requires no routine maintenance. It is used in inflatables for pressure relief in main buoyancy tubes as well as over pressure protection in inflatable floors. We also install them in the Man of Rubber Electric Inflators to provide even and consistent inflation (sold separately). Choose your proper setting from the drop down list. Also you can view minimum and maximum pressure settings on our table at the link found below. You can also see more info and a 3D model at links and info below.

Customer Pressure Selection Chart for the A6 Valve 

Leafield A6 Info & 3D Models

Leafield A6 info

Leafield A6 Cleannig Instructions

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Leafield A6 PR Settings

.25 psi, 10.0 psi – White/Orange Dots, 12.5 psi – Red/Yellow Dots, 16.0 psi – Red/Green Dots, 17.0 psi – Blue/Yellow Dots, 20.0 psi – Silver Dot, 7.0 psi – Green/White Dots, 8.0-8.25 psi Green/Blue Dots, 9.0 psi-Blue/Brown Dot, 16., 16.0 psi- Red/Green Dot, 17.0- Blue/Yellow Dot, .5 psi – Violet Dot, 1.0 psi – Grey Dot, 1.3 psi – Pink Dot, 1.75 psi – Yellow Dot, 2.0 psi – Blue Dot, 2.5 psi -Brown Dot, 2.75 psi – White Dot, 3.25 psi – Orange Dot, 4.0 psi – Red Dot, 5.5 psi – Black Dot, 6.0 psi – Green Dot, 9.0 psi – Green/Blue Dots, 8.0 psi – Green/White Dots, 11.6 psi Blue/Orange Dots, 12.75 psi – Red/Yellow Dots, 15.0 psi – Red/Green Dots

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