Raft Repair Urethane Coatings

Urethane protects high abrasion spots adding years of life to your inflatable.  System 6 is a two part urethane that you can mix partial batches of.  We offer a variety of pigment color options as well.  So in addition to giving protection to your floors, you can also do custom lettering.  Older boats suffer from sunburn and applying colored urethane helps to keep your boat looking marvelous.  Easy to brush or roll on, it’s available in four sizes as well as three different fabric options.  Your can apply patches over System 6. We also have clearly written directions and YouTube videos available to help!

Once you have chosen the kit size you need based on the square footage you are going to cover, choose that size pigment.  For instance – its not that you are being 1 gallon of pigment – it is that you will be sent enough of a given color to use in a 1 gallon kit.  every color has it’s own coverage properties.

***Please note…..System 6 will only ship on Tuesdays and Friday’s of each week.***

 **** Urethane is a NON-Returnable product… If you are unsure on how to order, please call our office at 800-437-9224 Monday-Friday 9-5 Eastern time. *****

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Showing all 12 results