Who’s Roscoe?

Who’s Really In Charge at RiverGear.com???

Well, Roscoe the Basset Hound is in charge, of course!!!

Roscoe Smiling

My full name is Roscoe Brownie Harper and I live with Beth & Gary and our new rescue basset named Sophie in Tennessee.  We live in the mountains and we love all the smells of the other critters that live here too – like black bears and squirrels and foxes.  Sophie does too even though she is a little shy right now  ….  she has a case of the jitters.

I am 12 years old and my very favorite thing to do, besides eating dog biskits, is running as hard as I can. Sometimes when Beth & Gary aren’t looking, I sneak out of the office at Man of Rubber and chase the cats – I love to see them run! 

Sophie and I come to work Monday – Friday and we are consulted on just about everything that comes up – when we’re awake, that is.  We both offer great assistance to Kelly also – Sophie and I can only handle filing in that bottom drawer though – Kelly said she doesn’t mind filing in the upper drawers …. our legs are … well … not as long as Kelly’s.

My other hobbies include digging in the dirt and shredding newspapers.  We are waiting to learn more about what Sophie’s hobbies are but I can tell that looking deep into my eyes is high on her list.  I’m glad she has come to live with us as I have been lonely since my mom Lillie crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Watch for stories of my adventures both here and in upcoming issues of MoR River Gear’s newsletters… hey!  Have you liked me on my Facebook page ?  Roscoe Harper ….