Whitewater: A Thriller by William McGinnis


A Great Read! Navy SEAL, Seductive FBI Agent, and a Band of River Guides Battle Drug Cartel to Survive Kern River Rapids.

William McGinnis’ murder mystery transforms how people experience rivers and nature.





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Whitewater: A Thriller, by author and rafting outfitter William McGinnis, offers readers fast-paced exhilaration amid whitewater rapids, high Sierra cliffs, gambling casinos, giant sequoias, and drug cartels. This thrilling page turner also provides a powerful, almost tactile experience of the magic and beauty of rivers and is a celebration of nature and life itself.

Readers and Writers Comment on Whitewater: A Thriller

“WOW!! DOUBLE WOW!!!!! An amazing thriller! I couldn’t put it down. … This book is exciting and enthralling.” –Bud Robyn, River rafter, mountain climber, sailor, aerobatic pilot, skydiver, kite surfer and international business executive

“A fun, creative … energetic, real-world tale. … In McGinnis’ first foray into fiction, a series of near-fatal attractions conspire to turn one man’s quest to gain peace and self-knowledge into a contest for his own survival. … (McGinnis’) prose oscillates between quick-moving action sequences and lyrical descriptions of the mountainous Southern California setting. … The story incorporates humor, pathos and even geography into its arc, resulting in a fun, creative take on the temperamental, erratic and bloody drug trade that exists in the United States… A novel oriented toward both readers of crime fiction and nature writing.“ –Kirkus Review

“If you are looking for a soulful adventure in one of the most beautiful and intense places on earth, Whitewater: A Thriller is a must read! This novel captures you on page 1 and doesn’t stop raging until the very end. The characters are richly imagined and the novel provides, in vivid detail, a physical and emotional ride you won’t soon forget. Bill McGinnis takes you down a Class 5 rapid with this thriller, but you are always safe in his hands.” –Elizabeth Nikels, Amazon Review

“’Whitewater’s nature descriptions are poetry in prose…. the love and oneness with Mother Earth is palpable. I can really feel the river. McGinnis’ expressive, descriptive details and his gift with words directly pull me into the experience without having to get wet!!” –Shelley Mallary, Life coach and spiritual teacher

“Danger! Thrills! Characters to both love and fear. I could almost feel the spray of the whitewater. Whitewater is excitement with a heart.” –Jil Plummer, Author of six novels including “Caravan to Armageddon”

“I am absolutely loving William McGinnis’ book Whitewater: A Thriller! It is a great story, definitely a thriller, with some powerful “life teachings/lessons” woven in. Only one issue with the novel: I can’t read it just before going to sleep – too d_mn stimulating! Made it hard to go to sleep.” – Jim Horan, The One Page Business Plan

Whitewater: A Thriller: A book that feels like a river! An Amazon Kindle Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars, “If a book could ever be ever compared to something, then this book by William McGinnis could be compared to a river. The story sometimes flows slowly – almost as a meditation – and then in a second everything changes and you are completely “absorbed” with an action where events are happening in a breathtaking chain. The author masterfully manages to combine in a single book such diverse themes as beautiful descriptions of California nature, deep philosophical reasoning, practical observations about whitewater rafting and exiting thrills. The book has it all. The characters are so vivid that you could almost see them. I think this book should become a great screenplay for a wide-screen movie! — Konstantin Afanasyev


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