Caring For Your Life Jackets

Sink the Stink (STS) Odor Eater for wetsuits & life jackets is an organic strain of 4 organisms that eat gnarly odors. Environmentally friendly, Sink the Stink has been specially formulated for the water sports community.  Perfect for life jackets, helmets, polypro underwear, spray gear – anything that gets foul.  Sink the Stink eats mold, mildew, body oils and perspiration – it even eats urine!

 It’s hypo-allergenic and not toxic.   You can dump the used water out and be confident because there is nothing in it to damage ground water or streams.

 STS will not remove existing mold/mildew stains but when used on a regular basis AND giving your equipment proper air flow, you can stay a step ahead of mildew forming.  How you store your gear is equally important!

Shake well before using!!!!  The liquid is simply the vehicle for transporting the critters … they will settle on the bottom and this is why shaking the container is so important.

Sink the Stink should not be mixed with hot water and do not put gear into the sun to dry – heat will affect it adversely.   Think of STS as the way you think about bread yeast – hot water will kill the bacteria.

 1/2 ounce should be mixed with 40 gallons of water.

 You can also use it in the same vat of water that you dip your gear with 303 Protectant in.

 303 is a water based Protectant that will not damage materials & will not harm STS.   Think of it as sunscreen for gear. 

 We recommend treating new jackets with 303 in an undiluted fashion using a garden pump sprayer.  After that, add 1 cup to your STS water-once a week to refresh your jackets.



 ~ 1  – 50 gallon trash can filled with clean water

 ~ 1 – 50 gallon trash can filled with clean water AND the STS & 303

 ~ Dunk gear in the first can to remove any lose debris/sand as well as to re hydrate the foam in your jackets

 ~ Next dunk into the container with the STS treated water and leave in here a few minutes.

 ~ Remove gear and hang in the shade to dry, preferably on hangers.  STS will continue to munch away as long as there is something to munch on.

When its food source is gone, STS will die.  You can reuse the water in the cans as long as it is not real funky, otherwise dump out and start with clean water. 

~ Once people realize how great smelling their equipment is – in this case, equipment has NO odors at all – they will be glad to even help in the process of cleaning your equipment.  Have the water cans set up so that the traffic flow dictates the gear is returned to the cans as they are making their way to their next stop at your facility.