How To Apply Man of Rubber’s Brush-On Wearpads

Work outside in the shade or a well-ventilated area. Wear eye protection, chemical resistant gloves and wear a fresh air respirator if one is available. If one is not available, use  fans to provide a fresh air flow to and from your work area. Clean your inflatable with toluol (for hypalon boats) or MEK (for PVC & urethane boats).

  1. Buff or abrade the surface of the material to create a micro texture for the Brush-On Wearpads to adhere to. This product will not stick to a surface that is slick and/or shinny. We sell abrasive wheels that you can put in a variable speed drill for this purpose or you can use sandpaper and buff by hand.
  2. Blow or wipe the dust away. If you want a clean straight edge, apply a good quality painters 2″ masking tape. Also, be sure to slightly cover the edge of the abraded area with the tape to prevent the Brush On Wearpad from getting onto un-abraded material where it can start to peel up.
  3. Apply the Brush-On Wearpad Primer with a disposable brush or short nap roller. Allow the primer to dry to the touch, usually 30 minutes to an hour.

The mix ratio (77 parts resin to 23 parts curing agent) of the two components is critical and if the ratio is off even a small bit, the product may not set up at all. Therefore, we recommend mixing the entire one pound container and not mixing partial batches. A one pound container will cover approximately 7 – 8 square feet. The primer will cover approximately 9 – 10 square feet.

  1. Once the primer is dry, pour the curing agent into the can of resin and mix for a full two minutes being sure to scrape the sides & bottom of the container.
  2. Pour this mixture into the plastic cup provided and mix thoroughly for an additional 2 minutes. Once mixed it will set up in about 20 minutes in 85 degrees or 45 minutes at 60 degrees.
  3. To apply, use a 2″ or 3″ disposable brush and trim the bristles off half way so they are short and stiff – you want to be able to “push” the material around as you apply it. It is usually best to start at the highest point and work toward your tape since gravity will cause the material to move slowly down hill.
  4. Remove the tape as soon as you have finished applying. Using a hair dryer (not a heat gun) , blow warm air over the entire area you have covered and this will pop any air bubbles that you got while mixing and help to smooth out your brush marks.
  5. You can also turn the boat right side up which will allow gravity to slowly thicken the Brush-On Wearpads at the lowest point if it has not started to set up yet.
  6. We have also had pretty good success sealing pin hole leaks by apply to the chamber while the chamber is deflated. When doing pin holes, do not inflate the boat until the next day.

Brush-On Wearpads will cure to 70% of final strength overnight and if necessary the boat can be put on the river the next day. However, best results are obtained by allowing it to cure longer and 100% of final strength will be obtained in seven days.