We offer one brand of life jackets and that is MTI.   Standing for Marine Technologies International, MTI is a family owned company based near the waterfront in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts.

This brand specializes in one important thing: designing and building USCG approved life jackets so people can enjoy their time on the water better.  Life Jackets, also known as PFDs, need to be comfortable, have great features, look good on you, and be affordable.   MTI jackets are ones that you will WANT to wear …. and statistics prove that if you wear your life jacket you will be safer on the water. Every MTI model is US Coast Guard approved, and  thoroughly tested in the lab and in the water for proper buoyancy.

We know that people have a choice when it comes to buying a life jacket. If the best life vest is the one you will wear, we want to make a PFD that you will choose to wear because it is comfortable, looks good, and is affordable. No one wants a good day on the water to end up badly.  Wear a Life Jacket for yourself and the ones you love.  We hope you will make it an MTI.

Take a look at our suggestions for caring for your lifejackets:

Caring For Your Life Jackets